The US is asking other countries for everything from hand sanitizer to ventilators to help fight the coronavirus

The Trump administration is appealing to countries around the world to give or sell the US items as basic as hand sanitizer and as complex as respirators to combat the surging coronavirus pandemic


This buffoon has been shitting on all his allies since he got elected. He's been insulting, belittling and verbally attacking countries and questioning entities like NATO, UN, WHO etc... And now he wants help?

Of course the world will help!! Because no leader will stoop as low as him and because nobody has forgotten the important role the US has played in keeping world peace before US citizens voted this moron into power!

Just please make sure you don't make this crass mistake again because it not only impacts US citizens. He has had negative impacts worldwide!

WHY? I live on Trinidad, in Republic of Trinidad and Tobago and majority of hand sanitizer sold out very quickly but as a nation we are doing OK. 60 cases today, 44 from a cruise, 5 cases imported and 1 case is from contact with imported case. One of the businesses here is going to make hand sanitizer to be supplied to essential services Our nations borders LOCKED DOWN MIDNIGHT SUNDAY 22nd March, schools closed for a couple of weeks now UNTIL I THINK 20TH APRIL. China is sending 15 sets of body-temperature sets, 4000 testing kits etc. 13,000+ masks were sent to China by private business when they were in a crisis and in return China apparently very grateful. (Interesting read for POTUS

Trump should ask himself why he sets impossibly high tariffs on Chinese (the largest supplier in the world) made medical supplies that cause this shortage. Why does Trump eliminate the special unit to combat pandemic’s who could have tracked this virus early on and ensured that US citizens were ready. His failures have caused too many deaths. He gives the opposite information from what the CDC medical experts are giving. Get off the stage Trump. Let the American experts handle this. No more corporate welfare for company owners to buy back their stock. Give aid to working families who need it more.

People stop crying . It’s time to get out of your mama’s basements and see the real world. The past government has put so many restrictions on manufacturing that it not affordable to compete with China who has no restrictions. Companies shut down and now we relied on other countries for our basic needs. Trump is doing away with those restrictions so we can complete again. We are responsible for this too . By choosing to sell out our country to save a dime and buy from China. Almost everything sold on Amazon comes from China. Why not support Mr. Trump and help take our country back.

This Administration is not just a joke any longer, is worse than an embarrassment, they are a disaster to the American people. We're dealing with a national disaster of covid-19 and the administration is making things worse not better. Encouraging people to go back to work despite scientific evidence that suggests everyone needs to stay home. He's more worried about the economy than the citizens, and now reaching out to other countries all of which are dealing with her own covid-19 and begging for supplies. Got rid of the team that could have made sure we had what we needed when we needed before this came a pandemic, I am just so so freaking frustrated with this moron and his administration!

Let me explain you clearly and simply what is going on!
You love Dow Jones, S&P, your Gvt does not secure your 401k (it's Socialism ), so these companies must show good profit margins. To do so they exported your work overseas! The masks, gloves, drugs, medical cloths, emergency breathers are produced out of US!
On the same time, the Conservative politicians with the financial markets pressure your states to reduce the basics healthcare costs that are under public policy claiming they are waisting taxpayer money = less funds to pays masks, security reserves!
When your production is overseas, and your Healthcare policy reduces precaition reserves= you are in danger!
The Covid19, is giving us a lesson about Greed, Security Funds and Stocks, political deny of reality for politicians purposes, financial system UNABLE to assure and assume Global Homeland Security focused on profits!
The huge step to follow (you all should better listen to Mr SANDERS proposals) is to put WallStreet under control! The first step is to restore Glass-Steagle Act then remove 491k from WallStreet hands! Then impose a congress senate control of WallStreet activity under SEC scrutiny!
After that we all must start to think about a minimal UHC based on physicians and drugs costs control= this will allow more funds to be available to prepare such event we are living now! You can't pay physicians Porsches 911 turbo and Searay yatchs and finance masks, nurses, ....or drug companies CEO extra bonuses at the same time, each one of you must make a choice!

Trump’s full of it. The country’s got these supplies. During one of his COVID-19 briefings, he admitted that the government had stockpiles of medical supplies. But, that doesn’t matter. In Trump’s petty mind he figures that because other countries call on the U.S. for aid or assistance in time of a crisis, he’s going to test the waters to see if they will help the U.S. That’s a selfish and petty move considering that poorer countries with few resources will certainly be hit with this virus. They won’t have the capacity to purchase medical supplies or testing kits and will have a terrible time purchasing basic necessities like water and food. Wealthier nations should be prepared to help those countries not the likes of the U.S. that is more than capable of taking care of itself. That’s not to say that the U.S. will never need to solicit aid from other countries, but this isn’t one of those times. And Trump needs to show some backbone and stop embarrassing the country.

Trump has spent the last three months downplaying the virus, calling it a democratic hoax instead of preparing for it. He will be directly responsible for the deaths of thousands of people. Trump should have been ramping up production of protective gear, manufacturing ventilators, preparing mobile hospitals and training EMT’s for the last three months. The fact that we are so behind is inexcusable and criminally negligent. Every man, woman and child in this country should have a supply of N95 masks. There is a reason why people is China and Hong Kong are not allowed to leave their homes without these masks. Masks are very effective at reducing the transmission of the virus. The only reason Trump says masks aren’t necessary for everyone is because we haven’t made enough masks for our medical personnel, let alone the general public. We are one of the richest, most advanced countries on the planet yet we can not provide 10 cent N95 masks to our citizens to save their lives even though we knew 3 months ago we were going to need them. This is the simplest, cheapest and most basic way to contain a virus yet we have completely and utterly failed in this regard.

The argument is while this virus is DANGEROUS and DEADLY compared to other things it has taken the lives of less than 1000 people while the Flu according to the CDC will KILL 30,000-50,000 this year in the U.S. and many say we do not shut down for that, However this Virus is NEW and has led to a Pandemic and is still a very dangerous currently untreatable strain, I personally do not think it would be a bad idea to continue another week with STRICTER guidelines to help because 1 more week of restrictions certainly cant hurt us as bad as one more week of increased exposure,but I can Definitely see the other side of this, it is a quagmire. A great example of how people remember how we treated these things in the past you need look no farther back than 2009 when Obama Played Golf the Same Day His Administration Declared H1N1 a Public Health Emergency after a 1000 had already died. This along with many other things are the reasons a lot of people wonder why we should treat this any differently now than from H1N1 in 2009. Back then No school closures, Not 1 time did he (Obama) close the border, people were going to sports events,concerts,bars,restaurants,malls, etc. spreading it everywhere! (60 MILLION INFECTED! let that sink in! that SHOULD BE HIS LEGACY) So yes I understand the pressure this administration is facing to get back to everyday life after all the former administration never really showed that it was that big a worry and treated it pretty much as business as usual and that is what a LOT of people are use too, so why should we treat this any different? Well, Problem is that was the wrong way to deal with it back then, Personally think the the Pandemic in 2009 where 60 MILLION cases were reported in the U.S. and nearly 12,000 fewer people are here with us today because of it, should have been treated FAR MORE SERIOUSLY but we had a COMPLETELY OBTUSE PRESIDENT in my Opinion! This time lets TRY to get it right for the well being of the AMERICAN People. It is a balancing act and this President has already done a far SUPERIOR job with this Pandemic than the past administration did with its Pandemic problems. Not sure there is a wrong or right way in going forward in this instance just gotta pick one, I Just know WITHOUT A DOUBT it is being Handled far better than the last Pandemic! I Will say I am a biased in my opinion since H1N1 gave me pneumonia in early 2010 and left me with lung scarring and literally was one of the sickest times of
my life.