Coronavirus task force targets the youths to encourage social distancing

As the Trump administration pleas with Generation Z and millennials to follow social distancing guidelines, it appears they are taking a page from the Obama-era playbook


Well, from their perspective, think about it... we boomers and the "greatest generation" have sucked every good thing out of this earth, made war a religion and shat in every habitable space. We have traded our planet for the destructive dreams of lunatics. We've created a "food chain" that doesn't include actual food. We've made the water undrinkable, so now the young people have to PAY us for that necessity of life. It goes on and on... So, now we old folks, with our houses and vacations and insurance (on every gd thing) are SHAMING our youth for being reckless with the wellbeing of our elderly population. REALLY?? Think about it. For what we are leaving them... They owe us nothing.

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