भारत के टेलीकॉम सेक्टर में होगी फेसबुक की एंट्री!​ रिलायंस जियो में खरीद सकती है हिस्सेदारी

रिलायंस जियो में हिस्सा खरीद सकती है फेसबुक कंपनी


Breaking News FROM CHINA
According to a report, China has always hidden the circumstances of its country.
According to the record of the last 2 months .... a mobile company in China has claimed that 7.2 million users of that company have gone missing in the last 2 months .......
Which can be well guessed that such a large number of people have swallowed the havoc of corona ..
This can be said because… because in China there is only the media of the government which shows only what the government wants there….
The one who publishes the correct figures, it is decided to kill him ..
So just think how fast this corona virus is growing ..
And the people of India are not taking this disease seriously at all ..