What you need to know about the 2020 census

April 1 is Census Day. The results of the 2020 census will impact the lives of people around the country.



"How will we live together?" is the theme of the International Architecture Exhibition of the Biennale di Venezia in 2020, postponed and shortened as a consequence of the pandemic with covid19. Take a look now to our Earth as if it was the Titanic, floating within oceans. There were social distancing and medical care on the "unsinkable" ship, yet they didn't stop it from sinking and 1,500 of its 2,200 passengers from dying. In this s.o.s., the focus is not on how and why the Titanic had slipped into the North Atlantic in 1912, but on why it hadn't had enough boats to save everyone. Someone had claimed it would have never gone to the bottom: that is why the risks of a calamity weren't carefully taken into consideration and the ship wasn't provided with enough saving boats? Actually, the Titanic wasn't supposed to carry so many passengers on its very first voyage, a test voyage, as a matter of fact, even if it had enough space to carry them. And, if it couldn't carry the appropriate number of boats, than it wasn't meant to ever transport so many passengers.That's the naked truth. Add six 0s to the 1.500 passengers who had died then and you will get the population of China. Almost 1,500,000,000 souls. Around 1,300,000,000 souls in India. We need a determined Government in India to sing, as singing seems to be more persuasive in India, that contraceptive methods are compulsory, especially outside matrimony, for the next year. This should be the protocol in China, in Africa, in South America, in the USA, in Russia too... The last thing we need in these critical times is a "coronavirus conceived generation". Nations with more than 100.000.000 souls, many of them living in extensive poverty, need to sort this out. Taking exemple from those Nations who make sure their citizens enjoy social stability and education. The (in)stability of a person influences on his/her neighbor's stability. We need that massive mind shift to avoid civil wars and domestic violence in the future. Whether there is or not a lockdown in these countries due to the covid19 pandemic, they are far over the capacity of our Earth ship. The numbers don't lie. Saving our lives also significates to severly slow-down human breeding. All the poor migrant workers leaving New Delhi to go home should be taught that, if they conceive during the lockdown, they couldn't come back to work. This emergency reveal other emergencies. We are all in this, we all need to show that we care for our future, for our health. We can't just tell everyone to leave the Titanic-Earth-ship to desinfect it. How are we going to go through this? How can we constantly be good neighbors, if we don't have enough for ourselves? Not enough healthy food and not enough money per person/family to buy it, not enough comfy beds in decent homes, not enough green space to relieve the stress, not enough space for socializing face to face, not enough seats for students and pupils in schools and not enough schools all together, not enough space for doctors and nurses to look for patients in hospitals, if needed, and not enough hospitals to put up with a pandemic, last but not least, drammatically short on deadly infectious diseases tests. The solution isn't to keep building more and higher and faster to fit more people in smaller houses, ignoring our human size and needs, but to adjust future demography to fit the Earth.