Biden says it's 'totally irresponsible' for Trump to take hydroxychloroquine

"It's like saying maybe if you injected Clorox into your blood, maybe it'll cure you. What is he doing? What in God's name is he doing?" the former vice president said

    are in a dog fight; do not worry about what he is doing - stay focused! Tell us what YOU are going to do to straighten up the mess he has made of this country! The news channels cover his idiocracy all day, everyday. WE do not need your commentary on him, it does not take a whole lot of analysis to figure him out. WE NEED YOU TO MAKE NEWS; TO FILL THE NEWS DAY WITH CLEAR. CONCISE, COMPREHENSIVE PLANS OF HOW YOU PLAN TO TURN THIS COUNTRY AROUND! We do not need you to talk about yourself, Obama or what you have done in the past. TAKE need to start coming out the gate with a STRONG message NOW!