Hungary bans people from legally changing gender

Hungary has banned people from legally changing gender, in a move rights groups said could lead to further intolerance and discrimination against the LGBTQ community in the country.


The Pope attacks LGBT people: God's will combines a man and a woman

"Gay priests lead a double life ... this is rudeness, and the church is not a place for these",

The issue of homosexuality is very serious and should be adequately distinguished from the beginning with the candidates .. He said that in our societies, it appears even that homosexuality is a fashion, and that this thinking may somehow affect the life of the church, and this is something
I am worried about him, perhaps because at some point she did not get enough attention.

הכומר הראשי של הישות הישראלית: התפשטות נגיף קורונה היא עונש על הומוסקסואליות

The fundamental problem with the Democrat strategy is: They don't want EQUAL OPPORTUNITY (already guaranteed under the constitution) they want EQUAL RESULTS/OUTCOME (regardless of any personal ability, drive, ambition, hard work etc....or lack thereof) and for you to to a member of The Victim Class.... That's pure SOCIALISM=
"We can't all be rich, so let's all be poor" This is precisely why the Democrats will lose big this November. The curtain is being pulled back, and the #DoNothingDemocrats are being exposed for the fake Wizards of OZ they are, continually promising the world for free, and never delivering on any of those promises unless it gains them more power.
Conclusion: STOP VOTING for the CANCER that is LIBERALISM