Melania Trump to take part in CNN global town hall

It is anticipated the first lady will specifically address the nation's students, most of whom have had their academic lives altered by stay-at-home orders and other precautionary health measures. Tune in tonight at 8pm ET.


Democrats/liberals (and most Republicans)are not your old politicians they have become paid puppets that support their foreign puppet master's and that goes for the liberal media as well most minorities leaders (Latinos,blacks,Asians)in USA are destroying the country from inside in order to become the powerful ones, your race since your DNA is weak will eventually
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There is an excellent photo of her spread eagle nude on a private jet, plus the ones where she is with another woman taken before the boob job, I’m wondering how being complicit to an Adderol addict gives her any background on talking with students. She DID appear with the French President Macron where she gave a short speech in English but refused to speak any French after Trump claimed she was totally fluent in French and 6 other languages..but that aside, I wish her the best. According to Ivanka his first wife, when his hair plugs were healing he would tear at her hair and even went so far as to rape her, which she states she was paid for later, so I wonder what Melanie will talk about? Giving birth to their son while Donald was paying a stripper to spank him with a magazine? These are not people we need to listen to, this is a set up and I feel bad for her even if she has brought this on herself