This may be Donald Trump's most damaging legacy | Analysis

For President Donald J. Trump, deriding someone as "sick" or "crazy" or "nuts" is just an insult that he likes to sling around. But whether he realizes it or not, what he's doing is a massive disservice to the millions of Americans struggling with mental illness, CNN's Chris Cillizza writes | Analysis


SHUTTING DOWN TWO WEEKS EARLIER COULD HAVE SAVED 54K LIVES: Pres. Trump participates in a discussion with local leaders from the Black community in Ypsilanti, Michigan. Earlier today, MI Gov. Gretchen Whitmer announced that more businesses will be allowed to reopen across the state, and that gatherings of 10 people or fewer will also be permitted. As other states across the country follow a similar reopening plan, new analysis from Columbia University shows that if states began enforcing social distancing measures just two weeks earlier on March 1, about 83% of all deaths could have been avoided. But instead even as late as March 9, Pres. Trump continued to belittle the virus, suggesting that the seasonal flu was worse and tweeting that ‘nothing is shut down, life & the economy go on.’