US could have prevented majority of deaths and cases if it shut down sooner, new model finds

If the United States had implemented social distancing policies just a week sooner, it could have prevented more than half the number of coronavirus deaths and infections, according to new research from Columbia University.


These deaths are the result of an extreme lack of leadership from the oval office. Unfortunately, for our Nation, we have not had a leader, we have an inept narcissist that is NOT capable of listening to information, thinking, planning, implementing OR delegating... the result is the death count of 95,000+ and climbing. WHY would we want to continue down this rabbit will only dig the hole so deep we will not be able to recognize our country if he continues to be enabled by the GOP to destroy our constitution, our laws, criticize those that believe in science and FACTS for the next 4 years. We need a leader and trump has proven he is not capable.

Trump was never interested in locking down entire USA. It was left up to states and counties to take matters in their own hands. 3 week lockdowns were not enough. Now it is up to individuals to take matters in their own hands. Because certain states and health departments are starting to hide numbers and fool the people. This is a really bad plan and any one who stands up for what is right and looks out for the people is released from their duties. Then get call disgruntled. When reality is they are a threat to their plan. The truth tellers getting punished. We have a serious problem in the states. Our Country leads the world by example and other countries look up for our help. People going back to work and employers have zero ambition to test their workers. For example gyms will be a breeding ground for this virus. Everyone working in those gyms should be tested on a weekly basis. My gf works at one and is a cancer survivor. They have no intention of testing any worker and they are allowed to have up to 180 people in the gym at one time. Meanwhile Government buildings are shut down still. All i can say is we are so screwed. The outbreak is just beginning!!!!

Everyone did what they had to with the information they had available at the time. No one had the foresight. Technically speaking EVERYBODY could’ve prevented it if they prevented it earlier. The US didn’t lag behind any other nation in shutting down. Most places locked down around the same time and some even late into April. The virus didn’t hit everywhere at the same time. We shut our borders down when we had 15 cases. Meaning, it was already here. Which country shut down their borders in December? Virtually none if any! Our high cases can be explained. We receive the most international flights at any given moment out of all countries. Our cases are mainly located in densely populated areas. There’s 28K people per square mile in NYC. Each of our states are literally the sizes of entire countries! As a country we are doing far better than most even on per capita basis. NYC alone has the population of the Switzerland.

The administration was aware in January. They could have done all kinds of things to keep it out of the US or at least prepared us for it. The response AFTER it was here has been a Dr. Seuss affair. "It's a hoax. It's going to kill millions. We've got a treatment. We've got plenty of tests/ventilators. We don't need tests/ventilators. Don't believe the doctors. Have fun." It's up to Americans to step up and use simple common sense now. Survival of the Smartest. Maybe his goal was to wipe out a couple of generations eligible for SS/Medicare/VA. Who knows. Quite the screwing we've taken, no matter what his thinking was/is.

REPENTANCE IS NECESSARY TO ENSURE THAT YOU HAVE SALVATION FROM SIN. Accept the Gospel of Jesus Christ for you to be healed. For those who believed were healed. The good news is that Jesus Christ is the healer.
Matthew 8:14- Jesus went into Peter’s house. There, he saw the mother of Peter’s wife. She was ill in bed and she felt very hot.15 Jesus touched her hand and immediately she did not feel hot any longer. She got up and she prepared food and drink for Jesus.
16 That evening, some people brought other people to see Jesus. Bad *spirits lived in many of these people. Jesus spoke a word and he caused the bad *spirits to leave them. He made everybody who was ill well again.17 Jesus did all this to cause the *prophet Isaiah’s words to become true: ‘He took away all our weaknesses. He took away everything that makes us sick.’

If china never bribed W.H.O, they would have not lied to us about the virus. If CNN was fair to the world they would have blamed china for the outbreak. If CNN was right always they will never blame Trump when he banned the red line countries but now they are blaming trump they criticized for the ban. Now I see how shameless CNN, W.H.O and anyone who have tuned the world to private property. Am Glad the world have only one person they are looking up to which is the God in Trump. There is nothing anyone can say right now as long it comes from CNN or W.H.O you told us to wear a mask, we have never seen your staffs wearing them, you talked about social distancing but you all shake hands in the office and laughed at anyone wearing mask? See we have won and we have conquered. Keep your breaking news we are moving on and hydro chloroquine have saved lives and we will keep winning. You have lost your potentiality.