Appeals court temporarily blocks order that would allow Texans afraid of catching coronavirus to vote by mail

The 5th US Circuit of Appeals a decision by federal Judge Fred Biery that expanded the "disability" provision in the state's vote-by-mail election code to all registered voters who "lack immunity from Covid-19 and fear infection at polling places."


only democrats are afraid of losing the election so they push hard using the covid if the streets are not empty and stores are open these such thing you can go out while you go out to buy food theres no different to make a reason that you cant go out for some minutes to vote in person..the democrats just scare mongering..people stay at home they get sick and dying forget the democrats excuse because they know they will lose the election without cheating and dump a lot of ballot boxes and many times vote by mail with no names to check illegals right? or dead people right? or people who move to different address right? so that's what the democrats plan get these vote because they biden have no chance with trump …..simple......