Biden: 'If you have a problem figuring out whether you're for me or Trump, then you ain't black'

Joe Biden says he “shouldn’t have been such a wise guy,” hours after he told a popular African American radio host that "if you have a problem figuring out whether you're for me or Trump, then you ain't black"


Biden called a heavy set voter fat, and challenged him to a push up contest.
He called a female voter a dog faced pony soldier.
He told a union worker that he doesn't work for him and if there's a problem, we can meet out back.
He told some Latino voters that they could just go vote for Trump.
He sexually assaulted Mrs. Reade, yet there are crickets from the Me Too Movement.
And today, Biden insults every black person in America, but he apologized.
I can't wait to find out what he didn't do next.

I would vote for him if his name was Fido and he loved milkbones but It was a joke.not perfect.. People just want to find something to be outraged about... There was nothing offensive or demeaning to me that was said... He really didn't have to apologize... Listen Trump needs to go I don't care how the rest of y'all feel I'm voting for Biden... We just have to keep his feet to the fire when it comes to issues concerning us.js soo no candidate is of color ..woow any little hiccup and black ppl dont want to vote so simple minded Joe said if you are of color and want the same treatment from this clown and dont vote.thats all on you. We need to stop the electoral college.

Here are five good points that I call the TRUMP BLACK AGENDA:

1. Criminal justice reform bill. THE FIRST STEP ACT. The clinton era 3 strikes law has been reversed by the trump presidency. Am sure u know how many black lives were destroyed when clinton introduced this bill and supported by joe biden.

2. Opportunity zones. This act was introduced by senator tim scott of SC and backed by trump. It was passed and signed in to law in 2017. It allows investments kn low income run down neighborhoods. Also giving loan discounts and grants to business that build or do business in this zones.

3. Trump signed a Bill called the FUTURE ACT. this legislation made permanent $255 million annual funding for minority serving colleges.

4. Long term industrial and vocational training for 18 to 25s. Over 20 million have been trained under this scheme and most of them are blacks who later got job opportunities.

5. Historically blacks unemployment rate was the lowest under trump. Wetin be Obama/biden black agenda ??

Joe was out of pocket. 100% completely out of pocket. Would we be upset and throwing another politician under the bus for what Biden said, especially if it was Trump? 100%. It is a perfectly valid critique that some of us who aren't as upset about what Biden said as we might be otherwise are operating on a scale of moral relativity. What he meant as a joke is still deleterious in its effect, if not its motive.

However, and speaking for myself, I own that seeming contradiction completely. However, from a personal perspective, there is no contradiction at all because I have said this one thing consistently:
If you believe this is choice between the lesser of two evils, that is an inherent acknowledgement that one of those evils is greater. That evil is Trump. There is an almost 100,000 body count — if nothing else out of all the other else's he's done in the last 3 1/2 years — to back that up. I don't see it that way, but many do.

So yes, what Joe said was — to be kind — racially problematic. That is to be kind. And those who wish to roast him can have at it. But I look at it a lot more practically: use the leverage to pressure him to pick a Black female VP (if that's your thing). Hold him to the fire about picking a Black female Supreme Court Justice (which he has already promised). Press him on his "Lift Every Voice" plan. Instead of throwing up our hands, we should be getting as much or more as we can out of the situation.

So no, I ain't gonna get mad at what he said. There are too many dead Black mothers, fathers, aunties, uncles, cousins and elders killed disproportionate numbers from Covid-19 due to the current occupant's incompetence, ego, and white supremacy for it to register more than an exasperated sigh.

The media is dumb as hell right now and the black coummunity is going to just get confused by it.

I understand what Charlamagne is trying to do but let's be real for a minute ok. If he can't get assurances from Joe Biden for his plans on the black community, what is he gonna do, not vote or even worst vote for TRUMP?
Let's not kid ourselves on both sides of the isle DEMS/REPS have lost sight of the people they serve. So what's left, it time to do what we did way back when and actually stick to it. Develop our own businesses keeping the black dollars in our communities. Put our people in to key positions with the city and state levels. We have Black Representation already and even they can only do so much within their perspective reach. We have to help ourselves, learn the laws and know your rights. If you do that the next time you see something wrong you can act on your knowledge. Police can be arrested just like anyone else. If you have a black community armed and informed watching out for wrong doing. I guarantee no bad cop will be pulling a trigger in your community without 15 other members drawing down on them. Think, think outside the lines that you have told to stay in and wake the hell up. My brother Jerry L. Green has already begun to help our black children and teachers from injustices within the districts. It starts their with our legacies let build from there.