Baltimore mayor says Trump sending 'bad, bad message' with plan to visit on Memorial Day

The mayor of Baltimore is urging President Donald J. Trump to rethink his visit to the city on Memorial Day, arguing that the visit would contradict stay-at-home orders he's issued for residents and drain public safety resources


Whatcha gonna do Jack? Arrest the President of the United States, charge him with a misdemeanor, convict him and sentence him to a year in jail and fine him $1,000? Fort McHenry is a National Monument and is under Federal jurisdictions. Whacky Jackie rather use his resources (police) chasing after people who aren’t social distancing or citizens who are “illegally” opening a business, after the Maryland Governor said retail and shops could open up to 50% capacity. This Mayor isn’t the least bit concerned with the drug dealing going down every day on the streets of Baltimore, nor does he care there’s still a murder a day in the city. And he certainly hasn’t attempted to stop the squeegee kids and the homeless beggars from harassing the folks that have to traverse back and forth from their essential jobs. This guy Young does not care about the safety of the citizens of Maryland.