The pandemic could cause long-term damage to how we get our food

“This whole corona thing, it’s cracking the industrial food system,” one farmer said. “Everybody can see it." The National Restaurant Association estimated in early April that up to 15 percent of restaurants around the US that closed may never reopen.


So what about the flu bug? Thousands of people die in our country every flu season but you don’t hear about it right now!.... While the public deals with the spread of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) to New York State and major regions of the United States, the latest data on flu season has been reported by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

So far this season, the CDC estimates between 39 million and 56 million flu illnesses, at least 410,000 hospitalizations, and as many as 62,000 deaths from flu, of which 169 are pediatric.

New York State is reporting 157,758 positive cases. The latest data (ending April 11) shows a 26% decrease in reported cases from the previous week.

Or maybe, it will force us all to get back to basics. Maybe we'll have to choose between 25 different breakfast cereals, instead of 150. Maybe a restaurant will have a set menu instead of 15 different choices. Maybe "all you can eat" and supersize will become grotesque. Maybe we'll appreciate a healthy slice of good bread instead of unlimited nasty breadsticks and sauce. Maybe we'll appreciate what we have instead of always wanting more..Maybe the Coronavirus is trying to tell us something by affecting obesity, diabetes and underlying heart problems...or maybe we won't do anything and Mother Nature will take matters into her own hands.