They are digging a financial hole America will never get out of! What they are not telling you! Massive government spending leads to massive government debt, which always leads to inflation, which means that your money progressively buys less. The more money they print and hand out, the less worth it has. If government leaders panic, and print even more money, it leads to hyperinflation. With the unprecedented trillions in coronavirus stimulus money given out, we would be foolish to not expect the stage to be set for prices to skyrocket.

Government debt is always followed by increased taxation. Heavy taxes drive down people’s desire to be productive. Also, the major flaw with socialism is that workers have little desire to be productive, simply due to government waste and their generous handouts to non-workers. Loss of production leads to loss of goods, both luxuries and necessities.

Basic necessities are always ration

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Here is the thing.. I'm going to be done with my private loans July 2022 and that's only because they are no longer collecting interest. Here is the problem with student debt and it's not the original loan.
1- I had a 25k loan that collected interest. I graduated and paid the minimum( 550) because that's what I could afford.
2- my loan never went down.. I then looked into it and based on their payment plan I was originally supposed to be done paying them off in 2028 paying them a grand Total of 125k.. that's 5 times the loan amount.

3- I inquired about this and they refused to confirm or deny this truth.. after three years of paying I stopped.. my loan was at 49k (double the amount and some change)

4- I played hard ball.. they told me the loan would go into default I told them. Clear the interest and you will get paid. After some time.. guess what they did.. no more interest.. I've been making $550 and will be done next year.

Point... Betsy D. Openly admitted the loan tactics are to keep you in debt by fractionalizing the loans, and having multiple interest while making it difficult to consolidate. I'm all for paying back what I borrowed and interest because they allowed me to do it.. however.. it's profiteering off education. They need to wipe the interest, consolidate all loans, cap the profit based on interest with reasonable payment options. It's win win.. they get money plus interest, we are able to pay and get out of debt... They have money to loan to more students.

The ok only people I've know to pay off those loans.. had lots of help from family money.. or lived out of a van to pay them off which I am planning on doing to pay off my federal..since I'm focused on my private loans. You can't fix a problem by freezing it.. I don't understand the logic of profiteering off those who are supposed to help defin the future.... That I find pathetic.

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Well, I think if they “wipe the student loan debts” then they need to pay everyone who paid theirs all their money back. If some are going to get it paid off then EVERYONE gets it. As a person who suffered paying off a student debt THAT WASN’T EVEN OURS (to the tune of $45,000 including interest on a $30,000 loan) as co-signers on $45,000/year, who didn’t even go to college, then we should get our money back too. We gave up $405/mo, tax returns and any extra money we had to get off of it because my selfish sister wouldn’t pay, she just kept deferring it and not answering her phone when the loan company would call, so it went to them harassing us (thank you, Sallie Mae @ 11% interest). So what about people like her who cry about it but don’t even TRY to pay, but want the debt wiped clean because “boo hoo poor her she didn’t get her dream job”? She lied about having jobs so she didn’t have to give up any of HER income. So what about people like that and people like us who had to pay or people like my husband who would get kicked out of the military for credit issues? We HAD to pay or there were serious consequences (unlike her)...what about people like us who didn’t have a choice BUT to pay? Why shouldn’t we get our money back if everyone else gets theirs written off and basically free?

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I hope this benefits students and graduates, but it makes me feel iffy. Remember how it started with don't worry about rent and utility at the beginning of the pandemic. I know it's a Lil different, but I worry about people thinking it will be ok and not save something for those bills and find themselves in the worst situation. I made sure to pay all my accounts because I wanted no surprises later. It sounds good, but what will be the result. I do wish it luck, though, and hopefully no bad outcomes. Also, this is just my opinion. I'm not passionate about it either way; I hope it helps in a positive way if it can.

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That’s because there are minimal moments when the former president ever had a kind or happy look on his face. Most were smirks, frowns, and arrogant smiles. Trump generated hatred, he doesn’t need psychological symbols to sway people’s opinions. One has to look at each man’s behavior and not perceived symbols from networks. Look for outcomes and decide from that. Besides... life isn’t fair in many ways. That’s a well known fact and with the former president it was made even more unfair for many. With all that is going on in the world I would move away from the petty to the pertinent.

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You people with your hands out disgust me. Did you not sign an agreement to pay back what you owe? But now you want your fellow tax payer, some of which who never went to college, to pay of your mistakes. I bet the lot of you were the same people who scoffed at those military recruiters at your high school who wanted to talk to you about service and college money. You could’ve done 3 years and had your college completely paid for. But nope, you ran up a bunch of bills and now expect someone else to pay them off. I’m not your mama, pay your own bills.

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There is no unity. There will NOT be unity in the next four years. Biden is not my president. I will never call him the president. Kamala is a joker.

Biden Basket Case Biden will never be my president. He has nothing to do with me and I have everything to undermine his presidency. He stole the election. He is a fraudster. He is the enemy of American people.

Biden was installed by the swamp, big tech and the corrupt media. President Trump was elected by the people. Trump has his own set of faults. But President Trump was for America, elected by Americans fairly and squarely. He was a threat to big pharma, big tech, corrupt media, and Washington swamp. Internationally, he was a threat to our biggest enemy, China. Therefore he was cheated in elections. Whereas, Corrupt Biden is a puppet of China.

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#TenekaJames, you aren't wrong. I totally agree with you-but, I don't think you're aware of the bill of sale so many people were sold when they took those loans (there's an awful lot of people who were told they were guaranteed a good paying job if they got a degree and that paying off their loans wouldn't be a lifetime endeavor-& most of them were just out of high school and too young, naive and inexperienced to know any better). I absolutely agree that there are other issues that take precedence over student loans, too: with so many people losing their jobs, being evicted (not every state passed a moratorium on evictions-and, of the ones that did, not every one has continued the moratorium), and unable to provide for themselves or their families. It's a lot. I think it would be better to enact measures that will keep the Bill's from piling up, personally. How much are we really doing if in 6 months or a year, these debts are not only still there, but have grown with interest? That's a huge pit that people won't be able to dig themselves out of.

What we need is more free legal services to help low-income people with less than 50K in debt to file for bankruptcy, to write off student loan debt, and to provide for families and individuals who aren't able to provide adequately for themselves. I do appreciate that it's not that simple and that this probably won't happen. I'm just saying that is what we the people need.

Overall, #TenekaJames, I love what you had to say and your reasoning. I am not trolling you, just enjoying talking to someone who is really thinking about the situation. Take it easy, chick.

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All those people going on about "oh I had to pay mine, so why should they get a break", "you knew what you were getting into when you took the loan", "you're an adult, take responsibility", "what about me, I paid my debt off" blah blah blah. Good that you grew up in a time where there wasn't a global downfall and you maintained a job that allowed you to pay up. He didn't say cancel, only suspend until things pick up again.

This country we can all agree, charges way too much for education but you want our children to go to college for an education, to get a better job and many did.

HOWEVER! We are in a pandemic!!! One that caused many to lose their jobs, who are paying federal loans and if the government can provide any relief right now to people that they should be caring for, then so be it. Why put people in more debt, ruin credit and have it worse off. I'm sure that $300 can go to feed a family, instead of worrying about paying back the government a loan for an education you're not currently using, sitting in your living room, staring at 4 walls.

Think about others instead of yourselves right now. It's not about you. Many people are living in a state of uncertainty and any help is appreciated. Please have some empathy.

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Those arms of Con Artist Joe Biden reaching out to embrace America, as said on CNN by that Buffoon, are really reaching out for the throat of America to strangle. He has already strangled 11,000 Union jobs on the stoppage of the Keystone XL pipeline and Joe is the Big Union Guy from Scranton too. Hope you enjoy the coming high gasoline and energy prices like under the Marxist Obama Administration. Look at all the damage that he has done to the Nation and he has not been in office for a week. Amazing. Of course, Joe is not really doing it. He is not smart enough to do anything. It is the radical Marxists around him that are doing it.

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