Oh please. W...T....F? Style of communication? Well i guess in one way, Scara is correct...lying IS a form of communication, it is when you constantly commune mistruths!! The reason something is called a lie is because it's a false statement, differing from the truth!
Why will these people not just admit that Trump is a habitual liar and only says these things to further his own agenda.
And before all those Trump supporters come on here saying it's "fake news" or because it's on CNN it's totally biased; if this were someone on FOX News saying similar things about Hillary (or substitute with Democrat of choice) after they'd openly lied about something, my reaction would be the same.
Just because Trump is POTUS does not mean he is beyond criticism, in fact surely it's the opposite? He should be held to the highest of standards whilst holding that great office (and I'm a Brit), an office which he morally is incapable of fulfilling!

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Chris wuit embarrassing yourself
You sound like a Bloviator that thinks only his ideas count.
We had an election and your side lost very badly because you guys supported a croocked candidate.
By the way your job is to tell the truth and not the fake news.
You guys have become a bunch of fascists. I bet your grandparents would have been proud of you.
You guys supposed to be journalists not fascist thugs trying to beat up people that don't agree with their idioligy.
Then you go on the air and give your balcony speech like Benito used to do.
You argue with your guests and lambast them with your outbursts and rants.
Listen once j. A while and you may learn something.

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I love Chris Cuomo and I'm all over his new primetime show. I do wish, however, he'd let the interview-ee answer the question before he starts in on them because it gets very garbled with everyone speaking at once, each trying to be louder than the other, trying for their point to be heard. It's like that all day long on CNN , which is why I was so glad he got his own show at night. But I did think it would be more one-on-one, rather than several talking heads at once. That being said, I hope it does well.

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What does it mean when you dislike trump? Are you unAmerican? No I would say just the opposite. Opposition to this president is a sign is Patriotism as well as good sense. Maybe it means you don’t like being lied to, you don’t like your intelligence being insulted. Maybe you are just paying attention to the daily revelations of misdeeds, crimes and unethical behavior. Maybe you don’t think a lying racist misogynistic narcissistic serial adulterer shouldnt be sitting in the Oval Office. At any case you are not wrong to not only feel your disgust, but to voice it loudly.

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Remember little white lies vs. black lies! The narrative is Trump is a great pathological liar. There is only one way to communicate. Tell the truth or lie. If you don’t know then say you don’t know. Trump makes statements with no facts to support him. If Trump says it’s fake news it got to be fake. Trump is not God and Trump lives in the world of the father of lies whom God hates. Satan is called the Great deceiver, the father of lies, and angel of darkness.I do want to live in that world! Jesus said,”I am The Way, The Truth and The Life”! I follow him not a fool!

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You mean LIE like that Lying Skank HILLARY...??
You mean LIE to clear Hillary like JAMES COMEY....??
You mean LIE to clear Hillary like ANDREW MCCABE...??
You mean LIE about Conspiring to let Hillary off like LORETTA LYNCH....??
You mean LIE about the IRAN Deal like JOHN KERRY....?
You mean LIE like SUSAN RICE...??
Or Do you Mean LIE like OBAMA LIED about Everything from the Iran Deal, to Spying on Americans, to Lying about his FAILED OBAMA CARE, to Lying about Billions paid to Terrorist for Hostages or when He LIED NUMEROUS Times about dozens of other Scandals and Lies that Panty Pissing COWARD LIED About....????

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I used to look up to my leaders especially those in the highest office in the land. I know that they are human but, truth is very important to me and it is so disappointing to know that this current administration plays games with our hearts and minds, and that their only objective is for personal gain! That for me disqualifies them in any leadership role. I am just very disappointed and saddened but, as long as I know that I am not alone it helps me to push through. Our American values are all we have and I'm so pissed to see them being disregarded. Hopefully I will emerge a better person!

Link: http://www.vin3.org/index.php?c=article&cod=23793&lang=EN#vin3Comment-95733

The distinction here is that in politics, facts on a multitude of issues are always in dispute, just like in a jury trial. One side says their facts are “the truth,” and so does the other. In recent politics, it has become commonplace to call someone who disagrees on a disputed fact “a liar.” What is the truth? Some things are indisputable, such as water is a drink. Others, such as “who shot Kennedy?,” are disputed. And this is when it gets tough: when “facts” morph into “opinions” or “conclusions.” If determining the truth was so easy, we wouldn’t have trials; but there is no truth machine. In politics, the sides often see the same events differently. They can’t understand why the other side doesn’t see it the same way. The term “liar” is an easy word to throw out, but it is usually not accurate.

Also, I’ve noticed that when opinions are formed from one side’s version of the facts, if someone doesn’t agree with the opinion, then they are again improperly called a “liar.”

Many people can’t even concede that their version of the facts is just simply that: their version. Anything else must be a “lie.” It is not unusual in situations where the truth is unclear - not patently indisputable (ie- it’s raining outside) for there to be many good faith versions of the truth that exist.

Whether someone is “a liar” is a conclusion. If you watch someone take your Apple and they then say they didn’t, your conclusion is valid. If you form your conclusion based upon something you read, or on someone else’s opinion, your conclusion may or may not be valid, and certainly isn’t based on personal knowledge. We all form conclusions of what we believe to be the truth each and every day, all day long.

Even when a jury decides what the “truth” is, many still say they were wrong.

Link: http://www.vin3.org/index.php?c=article&cod=23793&lang=EN#vin3Comment-95736

Liars lie; it's what they do. Donald Trump is a serial liar--a compulsive liar. When his lies are exposed, he viscously attacks those who called-out his lies--"FAKE NEWS!"--and then he doubles down by telling bigger lies in an attempt to convince Americans that his first lie was the truth. And the cycle repeats. Endlessly.

A most vivid illustration: Trump lied when he told the world that President Obama had wiretapped his campaign offices in Trump Tower. President Obama denied the charge. Multiple sources demanded that Trump offer proof. None was given, but Trump repeated the lies with increasing intensity until his accusations replaced Russian collusion stories in the headlines. Months later, long after the media spotlight had shifted to other stories, Trump's Justice department quietly announced that no evidence exists to support Trump's accusation. Trump's strategic lie had accomplished its diversionary purpose.

As Trump continued to lie, his Department of Propaganda tried desperately to get Americans to believe the iPOTUS on his personal assurance--"Believe Me!" Many did; most did not. To increase the credibility of Trump's lies, his propagandists claimed his right to cite "alternative facts." America laughed. And Americans stopped believing Donald Trump. Americans are still laughing. The latest polls indicate that only 15% of Americans believe Donald Trump speaks the truth. 1 of 3 approve of his presidency. 2 of 3 do not. Further erosion in Trump's approval is expected.

The time is near when our naked Emperor will be exposed for all to see. Panic is flowing out of the Oval Office through the halls of the Whitehouse and into other Washington offices—including those of Congressional Republicans. Multiple sources have confirmed criminal, treasonous, unethical and immoral activity involving Donald Trump, cabinet members, senior staff and other members of the Trump Family Cartel—(believed by some intelligence professionals to be an international crime syndicate.)

The frequency of subpoenas to members of the Cartel are increasing. Each is facing the same decision, “Am I willing to go to jail to protect Donald Trump?” Congressional Republicans who are conspiring to coverup Cartel activities are desperate to conceal those facts and conceal the source of some of their campaign donations.

Sources that include Trump’s Campaign Manager, Paul Manafort, have acknowledged that a Russian Oligarch close to Vladimir Putin made substantial campaign donations through Wisconsin Governor, Scott Walker and through Senate Majority Leader, Republican Mitch McConnell, for distribution to the campaigns of Congressional Republicans.

Facebook executives have confirmed that during the presidential campaign, Russian intelligence operatives bought ads designed to denigrate Hillary Clinton and aid Donald Trump. Investigations are underway to determine what role was played in this conspiracy by Trump and his campaign team.

During the 2016 Presidential campaign, Trump lied to the American people by claiming he had no business interests in Russia. Trump was—at the time—in negotiations with Russian Oligarchs to build a Trump Tower in Moscow. Investigations are ongoing to determine if Trump’s personal financial interests influenced his continual praise of Vladimir Putin during the election campaign and whether that same interest now influences America’s Russia policy.

With access to Trump’s Tax Returns, Special Counsel, Robert Mueller, has borrowed from the IRS the top team of investigators specializing in tax-fraud and money-laundering. Mueller has also forged an alliance with the Attorney General of New York to prevent Trump from pardoning perpetrators of crimes committed in Trump’s home state.

Congressional Republicans (not under indictment by the mid-term elections) will have to run for re-election while trying to distance themselves from the moral, ethical and legal collapse of the Republican Party—the Party that now enables and supports the most corrupt administration in American Presidential history.

Donald Trump personally directed the coverup of Vladimir Putin’s attacks on our elections—a conspiracy between the Russians and the Trump Administration that continues to this day. Encouraged by Trump’s cooperation, Putin instructed the cyber-warfare units of the Russian Military to hack into the computers that control America’s s power grid. Because of Trump’s refusal to order American Intelligence Agencies to intercept and thwart Russian hackers, the invasion was successfully accomplished. Putin now has the option to shutdown America’s vital infrastructure within a few minutes—an option not available to any other individual—including Donald Trump.

Trump’s cooperation with Russia’s hostile attacks violates his oath of office. His failure to protect America’s interests are both criminal and treasonous.

(1) in spite of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, Trump continues to repeat the lie that no member of his campaign or transition team had contact with Russian Intelligence operatives before the election and during the transition between administrations.

(2) During the Presidential campaign, Trump called for Russia to steal information from his political opponents when he knew the hacking had already taken place and the information would be released according to a pre-determined strategic plan.

(3) on the day Trump assured the American people that he had no past or present business dealings in Russia and no future plans to do business in Russia, his agent was seeking financing from a sanctioned Russian bank to build a Trump Tower in Moscow.

(4) Trump fired the Director of the FBI to stop the investigation of National Security Advisor, Mike Flynn, who was negotiating with the Russians, (on Trump’s instructions,) to remove Obama-imposed sanctions.

(5) Because he knows the Republican Party cannot maintain control of Congress without Russian assistance, Trump refuses to direct America’s Security Agencies to block Russian interference in the November midterm elections.

(6) Trump’s five-month delay in obeying the law mandating sanctions on Russia for interfering in the 2016 Presidential election encouraged additional Russian attacks and gave Russians time to gain control of our infrastructure.

(7) Trump refuses to condemn Russia for its attack on America’s power grid nor direct America’s Intelligence Agencies to take measures to neutralize Russian cyber-attacks. These attacks are ongoing and increasing in frequency.

Link: http://www.vin3.org/index.php?c=article&cod=23793&lang=EN#vin3Comment-95749

You're lying, no you're lying, no you're lying....hate to say it, but the biggest white elephant lie in modern history was rubbed in all our faces with the demolition of WTC Building #7, the smoking gun of Sept 11th, 2001, which led to a multi-trillion dollar "war on terror" that walked in perfect lockstep with any "globalist" agenda. But it's a lie we've chosen to believe in and have used to fit our narratives in any way we see fit, both for "liberals" and "conservatives" alike. One thing is probably certain though, if the truth was ever exposed, people would refuse it, because the reasoning behind the creation of Homeland Security, the reasoning of the eroding of our personal liberties in exchange for safety and the acknowledgement that the United States military is a private invasion mercenary force working for corporate special interests would probably be too much for people to handle, and the entire world economy would probably collapse. No matter how much "InfoWars" or MSNBC or FOX news or CNN points the finger at one another accusing the other of lying, the entire foundation is based upon a lie. We've chosen it, we own it and we cater to ourselves by picking and choosing our own reality with whichever media outlet we desire to support. We're living Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451, where the screens on our walls show an endless collage of clowns, explosions, fireworks, cats and even people who call you by name....except we're all being pawned with this endless game of corporate media divide and profit "liberal" and "conservative" talking points. Not for nothing, if someone was in the control demolition business, and all they had to do to make a 47 story steel skyscraper fall within it's own footprint was to set fire to a few cubicles in lieu of preparing charges for weeks on every load bearing column, I reckon they'd make a fortune. Then you have Alex Jones who turned the 9-11 Truth movement into a carnival....just so that he could corral suckers into buying his nootropic herbal supplement nonsense. If Alex had been a real patriot, he would have cut the crap, cleaned up the act, dumped the pills and done some real investigative work....instead of discrediting the entire movement.

Link: http://www.vin3.org/index.php?c=article&cod=23793&lang=EN#vin3Comment-95755