Saint Puce is making a concerted effort to associate anti-Semitism with his favorite boogeyman: white nationalists. That's all that's happening here.

The reason he's doing that is because he considers himself left wing, and the left wing is definitely anti-Zionist.

But the more important question is, what is the true definition of "Zionism". Because that definition differs greatly depending on who you ask.

Plus there's another core problem with Zionists which our forefathers addressed quite well in the Constitution. That being the separation of church and state.

Zionism at its core is the unification of church and state, and therefore extremely tribal.

There were no "chosen people", and there are no chosen people. The ancient Israelites chose Yahweh. Yahweh did not choose them.


Link: http://www.vin3.org/index.php?c=article&cod=34147&lang=EN#vin3Comment-145341

Agree. The current definition of anti-Semitic is opposition or hostility towards Jews, but that in itself is a corruption of the original meaning which was opposition or hostility towards anyone of Semitic ancestry. See https://disq.us/url?url=h...p;cuid=3677626" rel="nofollow noopener" title="https://www.britannica.com/" target="_blank" class='link_art' rel='nofollow' >https://www.britannica.co...britannica.com/... for a definition of the Semitic peoples.

The textbook definition of anti-Zionism is hostility towards the foundation or persistence of the state of Israel. It is entirely possible to be an anti-Zionist but not anti-Semitic. In fact many Jews are anti-Zionist. Orthodox Jews believe that a number of the terms that Zionists use have sacred meanings and consequently are not achievable in this world (in other words they pertain to the afterlife) .

Link: http://www.vin3.org/index.php?c=article&cod=34147&lang=EN#vin3Comment-145342