The only people flipping elections, are the Republicans. Both those who suppress minority voters and those on Team Trump who colluded with the Kremlin during Trump's campaign. Paul Manafort who handed Russian operative Kilmnik polling data for the 2016 election that troll farms used to manipulate public opinion with, was arrogant enough to meet with him again in 2017, well after the FBI investigation was underway as shown in court documents yesterday.

This unproven distraction about illegal immigrants voting is just that, fluff to distract from Trump's mounting legal troubles with the 17 ongoing investigations against him in addition to the Special Counsel investigation. Now Giuliani has stated that Trump will refuse to answer any other questions from the Special Counsel. These are definitely the statements from a lawyer who knows his client is guilty with a lot to hide, innocent people are anxious to clear their names.

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"89 investigations the Secretary of State opened in 2016: 56 are allegations of double voting, 16 are allegations of fraudulent voter registration and 1 is an alleged case of fraudulent voting."

This is the sum total of 'voter fraud' in California, of over 23 MILLION votes casted. People, you have a better chance of winning the lottery than meeting someone who committed voter fraud. But hey, lets make a federal case of this, because, because, because...oh yea, Trump and Fox News said it's rampant and swinging elections. In case you're wondering, not one involved an illegal immigrant (go figure, not even one?).

So is HH done for the day, or are they any runaway gay people causing havoc on the freeways?

Link: http://www.vin3.org/index.php?c=article&cod=34148&lang=EN#vin3Comment-145344

And there it is.

This whole argument centers on the fallacy that illegals are voting, and primarily voting for democrats. I suppose, the reasoning behind such a fallacy centers on the notion that democrats facilitate illegals in getting federal benefits. You know, as payment for their votes.

I've been hearing and reading about this claim for more than a decade. And in that time you can count on one hand the actual incidents where illegals even attempted to cast ballots.

Since there is really no evidence this is some ridiculous argument conspiracy theorist have cooked up to prey on those who can't reason for themselves.

Link: http://www.vin3.org/index.php?c=article&cod=34148&lang=EN#vin3Comment-145345