I have no problem running the country like a business if you get someone with public company experience. Trump has to my knowledge only run private companies and sole proprietorships. He has never had to form a board of directors, advisory panel, audit financials or meet performance goals for anyone but himself. He was ill suited to be an actual businessman (though, he is a master marketeer) much less parlay that experience into public service.

There is a fundamental reason that the private sector and public sector are separate - different goals, different incentives, different oversight. At least publicly traded companies have some of that oversight, auditing, public disclosures, and meeting federal regs., and so I'd take a CEO from there.

Link: http://www.vin3.org/index.php?c=article&cod=34193&lang=EN#vin3Comment-145640

They offered wall funding last year, if it came with real immigration reform as well, and Trump said no. He said no again to the same proposal, this time from fellow Republicans, today.

I realize Trump's redefining what the wall is, how much of the border it covers, what it's made of and whether it even is a "wall" every fifteen minutes is being used by supporters who pluck out whichever description they need to say things like "you wanted the same thing five years ago!"—talk about bullshit games—but zero U.S. presidents have called for a border-spanning concrete wall, which was absolutely what he ran and won on.

Link: http://www.vin3.org/index.php?c=article&cod=34193&lang=EN#vin3Comment-145641