Conversation from when I was 6 years old driving with my dad down a mountain dirt road in the northern town where I grew up.
no response
"Do you see him? Look at that man!"
"Nobody there."
"There is a man, right there."
"Nobody lives in that old place son. Forget about it."

First time I ever saw a black man. First time I was absolutely certain that my father was wrong about something. Could it be a spirit being, or ghost, that I saw? No way. My father was lying to me.

Eventually I learned that the idea was, to not acknowledge, or speak of blacks in town, not to look at them or engage in any way.

I was f'n unimpressed then, still unimpressed today. I rode my bike by that place for years, saw signs of life but never saw that man again.

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If the intent was to mock and dehumanize blacks, then I agree it is racist behavior. However, I believe most recent examples are people simply pretending to be something other than their own identities because it's Halloween or they are in some kind of a contest. Also, the democrats tend to support policies that reward people based on race such as set-asides, scholarships, race-based contracts, minority grants, ALL of these are racist. Whenever policy rewards a specific race, it punishes other races. MLK dreamed of a merit-based society and the content of one's heart to matter, not the color of their skin. If you study American history, you'll see that the democrats have a pretty lousy history of racism.

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We are all of us people, isolated and vulnerable within the bodies we were born to be. Whites and blacks.

Whites have a lot more work to do on this issue but some of us, most of us are willing to keep trying, to figure out how to be more fair toward blacks, toward others who appear different than we are.

How to somehow own and accept our collective white past without its destroying us as individuals. Most of us are becoming more trusting and understanding with every passing day, but it is a long march.

My type of person has a heinous, awful historical past and I am personally sorry and saddened by it. There is no making up for all of that. One can only press forward with fairness and hope for the best.

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http://disq.us/url?url=%2...p;cuid=3677626" rel="nofollow noopener" title="#">https://disqus.com/by/weakday/, I couldn't agree with you more strongly. The MSM is predominantly Left-leaning and it "reminds" "us" almost daily "WHAT COLOR YOU/WE ARE" If people are divided, they are easier to control. This holds true both racially and politically. Bernays and the Propagandists in Government want MORE CONTROL so that they can continue to drift away from The Constitution and the mandate, within, that places the Government in subservience to The People. I'm Caucasian but, was raised to treat people, regardless of color, as I wish to be treated...thank goodness for good Christian Parents. Color-blindness has provided me with a better life and additional friends. I IGNORE 99% of the Media.
Peace on you!

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A white person is asked: What is it about black people that you don't like or don't want to be around?
1. They don't look European
2. They have undesirable facial features and skin color
3. They speak poor English
4. Their language has a lot of cursing and violence
5. They only do enough to get by
6. They are very loud
7. They are always late
8. They always are in party mode
9. They always want something for nothing
10. They have too many broken families
11. They have poor work habits
12. They dress like clowns
13. They are always pissed off or laughing
14. They downplay education
15. They blame white people for them not being responsible

This list is either real or perceived and is meant to open up a dialogue. Perhaps someone will compose a list of what black people don't like about white people .... or expand on this list. It would be helpful if you were serious.

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I love it when some racial story explodes. And every news channel is talking about it 24/7 for about 3 or 4 days, and then eventually, someone will get around to actually asking a black person what they think. Genius.

If we have even a vague understanding of the issue, we'd be asking ourselves, why are white people even talking about this. They ought to be embarrassed to be associated with this practice. (not that black people haven't also been involved with blackface...) White people (news editors, reporters, anchors, "experts", etc.) ought to have turned this subject matter over to the only people who should be concerned about it right away.

For white people to consider blackface offensive, is a real stretch. A white person can certainly understand that it's offensive to black people. But that's really the legal limit. White people are not allowed to be offended by it anymore than they can be offended by someone calling them the N-word.

Don't get me wrong. All Americans need to be on the same page here. And there's nothing more powerful than a diverse group of protesters or supporters of any issue. I'm just saying, if we're supposed to be honestly moving towards understanding this issue, let's be clear, and truly understand the whole problem.

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Nothing whites do surprises Black people. We know..their racism is innate. Some control it better than others. Its tried to rear its head a tad more since Trump took office. He has actually convince many whites, They are losing something and about to be..overtaken. Ameica just needs to understand. Blacks and other minorities are here to stay. And you can't stop Hispanics from becoming no 1 in population within a few years. No matter how many border walls you build. This country does not belong to White America. It belongs to..AMERICANS. I fought in VietNam and witnessed many black/red/yellow/Brown and white Boys/men die for this country. They all served on the battlefield and never hid. They were all..Americans.

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