Nah. I will let you continue to be a fool.

He OWNED a football franchise. The NFL screwed the USFL because they were becoming a threat and guys like Trump, who wanted an NFL franchise, made that happen.

As far as number 1. Maybe not, but both the Apprentice and Celebrity Apprentice were hits. But hey, you are in the business, but apparently you are too damn ignorant to know:

"The first season of The Apprentice was an undisputed ratings smash: it averaged 21 million viewers and soon garnered a two-season renewal from NBC. Dowd recalled being in Trump’s office as the official series premiere ratings came in, revealing that 18 million viewers had tuned in to their first episode."

In 2015 Trump OWNED 3.5 BILLION worth of real estate.

Now, run along little minion. You obviously don't know chyt. Keep letting your leaders tell you how to think. I do give you credit for knowing about the NJ Generals, but that is as much as you get.

Trump, by any and all measures, is a wildly successful businessman. And you? You don't approach the level of success he has had and yet you challenge it. THAT is pretty damn stupid.

Link: http://www.vin3.org/index.php?c=article&cod=35103&lang=EN#vin3Comment-150043

Pretty funny stuff they said.
Here's a fav:

Dowd made Trump sit for a mock interview to try to prove to the President that testifying would be a terrible idea. Trump failed the test miserably, Woodward writes, and Dowd left convinced that the President could not survive Mueller's questioning without committing perjury. Dowd believed Trump was incapable of telling the truth.
Imagem rel="nofollow noopener" title="https://uploads.disquscdn.c" target="_blank">https://uploads.disquscdn.c" alt="Imagem" height="42%" width="42%">...
In a shocking twist, Trump's lawyers later took a dramatic step and re-enacted the scene in front of Mueller. Dowd played the role of special counsel and posed questions to Jay Sekulow, who impersonated a combative Trump.

Link: http://www.vin3.org/index.php?c=article&cod=35103&lang=EN#vin3Comment-150047

You keep talking around the issue. The DoJ was corrupted at its head with a cabal of proven Trump haters who used a politcal document to start an investigation that has yeilded nothing other than undermining the presidency. Page was forced out because of her hatred, Stzock was fired because of it, Ohr was demoted because of it, and McCabe was fired in part because of a leak he participated in about Flynn, and is a proven Trump hater. Those are all facts.

There is far more evidence of the corruption of the investigation than of Trump being a Russian agent.

Link: http://www.vin3.org/index.php?c=article&cod=35103&lang=EN#vin3Comment-150040

What you think is the "issue" is actually just conspiratorial bullshit. There was no DOJ corruption, there was no "Trump Hatred" and there Dossier didn't start the Trump Russia investigation.

I already pointed out what the investigation has yielded, evidence of Russian Military Intelligence acting to help the Trump campaign win. This is confirmed by the TRUMP DOJ, US Intel and the Republican Senate.

Page quit, saying "forced out" doesn't somehow make you right. You aren't right, she wasn't fired because of "Trump".

Strzok was fired because of text messages, nothing in his firings suggested that the integrity of the Trump Russia investigation was damaged because of anything he did.

Ohr was not fired as you falsely claimed.

McCabe's firing had NOTHING to do with Flynn. He was fired because he went to the press during the Hillary investigation.

You just repeating the same dumb falsehoods over and over don't somehow make them true.

There is ZERO evidence of corruption in the investigation. The Trump DOJ is LEADING the investigation and has not once suggested it's origins are in doubt.

Link: http://www.vin3.org/index.php?c=article&cod=35103&lang=EN#vin3Comment-150041

White male and entitled is all you folks consider as qualifications for the office of the presidency, your racism and bigotry are always on full display. Hell even GOP women are notably sexist in their voting choices following their husbands lead.

And our first minority president was hardly a joke, he was the real deal and brought respect and dignity to the office of the presidency. Not only did Obama not have a fraction of the outrageous, ridiculous scandals emanating from this administration, but his White House administration still accomplished ground breaking legislation during Obama's two terms and turned us around from the worst financial crisis this country has ever faced.

Link: http://www.vin3.org/index.php?c=article&cod=35103&lang=EN#vin3Comment-150046

There isn't a single FBI or DOJ person that was fired for lying or leaking or an "anti Trump bias" concerning the Trump Russia investigation. Not one.

"Ah - so some of the Russia's intelligence agents were working to help Trump win and some of them were working to save us from their bosses goal of installing his puppet. Genius."

That doesn't really make sense. As I pointed out, US Intelligence, the Trump DOJ, the FBI, the Republican led Senate have all confirmed that Russian operatives were committing Crimes against the United States to help Trump win the presidency, and to hurt Hillary's campaign.

Link: http://www.vin3.org/index.php?c=article&cod=35103&lang=EN#vin3Comment-150039

The FBI makes "recommendations" to the DOJ.

After Lynch and Bill Clinton were publicly busted in their tarmac meeting, Comey publicly recommended no criminal charges against Clinton, to the DOJ, which lifted the legal cloud from her campaign. Less than two hours later she and Obama flew in Air Force One on their first joint campaign rally.
Of course, that sweepingly cleared Clinton's three top aides
Jake Sullivan, Huma Abedin and Cheryl D. Mills who would need that security clearance for their new jobs in the White House; and
Of course, Attorney General Loretta Lynch accepted the recommendation of the F.B.I. during a storm of criticism about the tarmac meeting..

All nice and tidy with a bow.

Link: http://www.vin3.org/index.php?c=article&cod=35103&lang=EN#vin3Comment-150048

Gee, I know you guys knew this...
fbigov: "The FBI’s Pre-Publication Review policy went into effect on June 04, 2015.

washingtonexaminer: "FBI delays release of Andrew McCabe’s anti-Trump book
by Kelly Cohen October 11, 2018 12:14 PM

"Former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe, who was fired, has accused the bureau of stalling publication of his tell-all book.

McCabe said he was “disappointed” about the delay of his book — which he trailed as being about how Trump's "attacks on me symbolize his destructive effect on the country as a whole" — due to an FBI review of the manuscript. It was originally due to be released Dec. 4 but will now not be out until next year.
“[T]he FBI's review has taken far longer than they led me to believe it would. Having been singled out for irregular unfair treatment over the past year, I am concerned it could be happening again,” McCabe said in a statement released through his spokeswoman early Thursday, "

fbigov: "The FBI’s Pre-Publication Review policy went into effect on June 04, 2015.
"All information created and acquired by current and former employees and government contractor employees (hereinafter collectively referred to as “FBI personnel”) in connection with official FBI duties, as well as all official material to which FBI personnel have access, is the property of the United States. FBI personnel must surrender all materials in their possession that contain FBI information upon FBI demand or upon separation from the FBI. Unauthorized disclosure, misuse, or negligent handling of FBI information could adversely affect national security, place human life in jeopardy, result in the denial of due process, obstruct justice, prevent the FBI from effectively discharging
its responsibilities, or violate federal law.
Before disclosing FBI information outside of their official duty requirements, FBI personnel must submit the proposed disclosures to the Record Management Division’s (RMD) Record/Information Dissemination Section (RIDS) Prepublication Review Office for review. This prepublication review affords the FBI the opportunity to (1) assess whether the proposed disclosure includes prohibited information, (2) advise submitting FBI personnel of any such concerns, and (3) work with the submitter to resolve such concerns."
Imagem rel="nofollow noopener" title="https://uploads.disquscdn.c" target="_blank">https://uploads.disquscdn.c" alt="Imagem" height="42%" width="42%">...

Link: http://www.vin3.org/index.php?c=article&cod=35103&lang=EN#vin3Comment-150045

They uncovered that over 2 dozens Russian operatives were actively committing crimes against the United States to help the Trump campaign win and to hurt Hillary's.

There is nothing in the Dossier that suggests any source of Steele's was one of the operatives found to have committed those crimes or anyone related to them or their actions in any way. That is 100% speculation on your part.

None of them have been fired for ANYTHING concerning the integrity of the Trump Russia investigation. Not one.

There is certainly plenty of circumstantial evidence to suggest that Trump is a Russian operative, and there is still an on going federal investigation gathering evidence on the matter.

Link: http://www.vin3.org/index.php?c=article&cod=35103&lang=EN#vin3Comment-150038

McCabe also alleges in his new book that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein had complained about being coerced by Trump into writing a memo justifying Comey’s firing.

Not at all surprising and Trump has had it out for Rosenstein who he appointed to the position in the first place, after Rosenstein made it clear that he was not willing to break the law on behalf of Trump.

The only reason that unqualified, arrogant idiot Matt Whitaker was appointed as "acting AG" was because he's willing to carry water for Trump and LIE his ass off.

Any normal, reasonable president who didn't have a shit ton of dirt to hide, who's not smeared with ongoing scandals, would have appointed their Deputy AG to the position of AG following a dismissal of their current AG.

Hell Whitaker didn't even try to hide where his loyalties are when he left the committee investigation and went straight to the Trump hotel.

I have no doubts whatsoever that Trump promised "protection" in exchange for loyalty from Andrew McCabe, that's just how the corrupt, POS, conman Trump rolls.

Link: http://www.vin3.org/index.php?c=article&cod=35103&lang=EN#vin3Comment-150049