I think Crowder would approve of this.... and he actually did come out victorious from Vox's social tantrum sissy fit. I don't really know what the appropriate wording is for what they did... they went after Steven Crowder, didn't care that many people were caught in the crossfire, and ultimately exposed themselves including their corporate connections for who they are. Let me explain.

Vox: Carlos Maza used Pride month and the LGBT community as a social weapon in order to deplatform Steven Crowder. Youtube investigated Crowder's videos and determined they did not violate YouTube policies, and currently they were already 90% demonitized. When Crowder did not undergo any punishment Maza then aimed his social just LGBT weapon at Youtube, which ultimately did work and caused a ripple and effected everyone. Steven Crowder's remaining 10% of videos were then demonitized based on no actual reasons, but were given the option to have that reversed if he removed the link to sales of his shirts 'Communism is for F*gs' (with a fig branch where the * is) from the site. Other content creators were soon finding their videos being either removed, demonitized etc due to new policies that Youtube had created to justify actions taken against Steven Crowder in order to please both Carlos Maza and Vox. Thank you Maza / Vox. News began to surface regarding a blackout from Vox's website as there was a walkout at their HQ... there was a strike as Vox employees were trying to form a union, the idea that this was timed at the same type as the so called 'adpocalypse' has many thinking it was a distraction as Maza waited 2 years to complain. >> articles voicing support Vox Media: The Verge, Vox, SB Nation, Curbed

Crowder: Winning! Crowder had 10% of the remaining videos demonitized. His funding is brought in through private investors and through 'Mug Club' subscription. Since Maza has made his complaints and attacks on Crowder, Louder With Crowder has gained 100k subscribers. Those voicing support don't necessarily state they agree with Crowder's opinions or sense of humor, however they clearly agree that he has the right to be on the platform, and what Vox/Maza did crossed the line.

Link: http://www.vin3.org/index.php?c=article&cod=38409&lang=EN#vin3Comment-162125