I'm OK with never passing a relief package.

Everybody needs to have an emergency fund to dip into during times like this. The emergency fund should contain sufficient funds to last several months.

Anybody that does not have this type of fund has done a piss poor job at life planning.

I think the Senate should stop this relief bill and just move on to other business. Let the House craft it's own bill and send it to the Senate and Mitch can just sit on it until the virus is over.

The economy will correct itself with no Government help.

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Let me fix the the headline. "Tensions run high on Capital Hill as Senate works to give big business who got a huge tax break more of our tax dollars." If we are expected to have savings to get us through a crisis, even though many of us live from pay check to pay check, why don't corporations do the same. They have plenty of money. If they want this money bad enough, they can deal with conditions, like no lay offs, no CEO bonuses, no stock buy backs, then when it's all over they have to pay taxes at the same rate as I do. Aren't you Republican. voters tired of this? The Democrats aren't coming for your guns, or forcing you to be gay, or telling you you can't say Merry Christmas. But the Republicans are coming for you money to give to people who are all ready rich. Wake up.

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Corruption and traitors at work! How many GOP took the antidote? Let's see how many die? Instead of tests we should find the antidote. We have it and much more! They cannot be trusted as they are liars and cheats! Use your brain. A 5 time draft dodger coward shows no fear as the world is attacked? Does not compute? The war is within and the object is our treasury! How do you think we have so many billionaires since Vietnam? It was a false war produced by Kissenger and the GOP. A drug war. Our American body bags were full of drugs and Westminster was given to the drug dealers in Vietnam for their help. Veterans were used as guinea pigs and those crooked banks in Vietnam are now headquartered in America . they had our usery laws repealed by Bill Clinton! Same corruption of Congress and the White House that violates their oath to office and America! They made our streets and cities dangerous! Follow the money!!!

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You can bank on this. If McConnell is interested in getting this to a vote, the GOP is looking to set up their rich and wealthy for some kind of windfall that they won't ever have to pay back.

I mean, seriously. Do you really think, after all this time, after everything that has happened over the last 10+ years, after filibustering his own bill, after his minority group recording the largest number of filibusters in the history of this country, with 400+ bills sitting on his desk from the Dem-controlled House, you really think that McConnell is interested in passing something that the Dems want without being able to pay off his rich and wealthy benefactors?

I know some people are dumb. But, I hope not that dumb.

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we don’t have time to play these partisan political games right now. It will be weeks before they sort anything out and weeks more till people start getting their stimulus checks. Nancy’s only goal last night was to stall. Make it take longer to help people.. push this economy down a little further... her only thought process is removing Trump and if the people have to suffer because of it then too bad.... her brand of hatred has no place in politics in a time like now.. the President is trying to put money in people’s hands right now to help survive but Nancy wants to add a bail out for Planned Parenthood and student debt forgiveness before she will sign.... now is not the time to play those games !!!! Take care of the people affected by this virus first !!

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Ok i know there probably a lot more people who been paying attention to this then me. So does anyone know if there been any info on who falls to eligible for the 1k check. Because all i have read that those who make 1mil per year is not eligible. Also read that it said all americans who are adult. But knowing there always more details what explains the whole thing. But i have yet come across anything what is not repeating what all the previous posts about have already said. So anyone come across any post about it what give's more detail?

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“The White House and Senate Republicans have essentially been asking for the administration to be granted a $500 billion slush fund — with almost no meaningful checks on how that money gets distributed or any visibility into who benefits... It would offer $75 billion earmarked for airlines, cargo air carriers and undefined “businesses critical to maintaining national security,” with few preconditions. It would also give Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin enormous discretion to decide what other unspecified companies, states and municipalities can get another $425 billion in loans and loan guarantees. And it said Treasury could delay disclosing for six months who gets these funds.

“There are two main reasons to worry about this astounding amount of discretion and secrecy. One has to do with whether we can trust firms (specifically, to do right by their workers). The other has to do with whether we can trust the administration (specifically, to do right by taxpayers).

“One lesson we learned from the financial crisis was that bailed-out corporations — unless specifically proscribed from doing so — may abuse taxpayer generosity, by redistributing their rescue funds to shareholders as dividends or to executives as bonuses. Right now, the White House and Senate Republicans are advocating conditions that could allow similar abuses.

“The legislation voted on Sunday, for instance, said that any companies Mnuchin finds “eligible” for that $500 billion should maintain the same employment levels that they had as of March 13 “to the extent practicable.” But it doesn’t define what “practicable” means. Which suggests an airline, cruise company or hotel could accept taxpayer funds, send the money to shareholders and still lay off many workers.

“Additionally, this is an administration that has abused its power time and again, doling out favors to friends and attempting to weaponize other authorities (antitrust, government procurement, Transportation Security Administration screening) against perceived enemies. It’s reasonable to worry whether Mar-a-Lago members might be unusually big beneficiaries, while blue states get short shrift.
“Cronyism and incompetence are in the DNA of this administration,”...
Trump, of course, runs hotels and other businesses likely affected by the crisis; when asked during a news conference Sunday evening if he would commit to not receiving any of the bailout money himself, he replied: “Let’s just see what happens.”

“Every administration should be subject to oversight. This one in particular has long lost any benefit of the doubt to be allowed to act without oversight, especially when given a half-trillion dollar check. But we don’t have the luxury of time required to have Congress vet every dollar that gets doled out.”

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Let them battling it out. Trickle down economy should have given all these big corporations loads of money, but they decided buybacks were more important than their employees. It backfired and now they want bailout money.
High interest loans only and give more to the people hurting by this.
No reason Trump should decide which Company gets what.

Lawmakers are working to find common ground after the Senate failed to advance the coronavirus relief package, now expected to reach close to $2 trillion.

Senate Democrats on Sunday evening failed to back a procedural vote to advance the measure over concerns that it prioritizes corporations over individuals.

Sen. Joe Biden accused President Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of "trying to put corporate bailouts ahead of families."

"The White House and the Senate Republicans have proposed a $500 billion slush fund for corporations, with almost no conditions. Donald Trump's Treasury Secretary would decide which big businesses get how much, and he can give out billions with virtually no strings attached," Biden said Sunday night. "The Trump Administration could even allow companies to use taxpayers’ money for stock buybacks and executive pay packages, and they don’t have to tell Americans where the money is going for months."

Senator Chuck Schumer, the Senate minority leader, said he hoped a compromise would still be reached as discussions continued Sunday night.

McConnell said late Sunday night that the Senate will vote again at 9:45 a.m. Monday, "unless we finally reach an agreement between now and then."

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The only way they will come to any kind of agreement is to drop anything to do with bailing out the rich and increasing the amount and time of assistance to the ones really working in our country...the American public! We're tired of Congress trying to get one over on us yet again by saying it's important to the economy to insure businesses stay in business but those people were already being helped by massive tax breaks that they didn't use for their people! They increased their own wealth with buy backs. SO NO BAILING THEM OUT! They have the money to take care of things from those ill gotten profits. And, more importantly, we the people need to rail at them when they attempt to justify lay offs and raising prices on their products when they get no more money from us.

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Will say it like I always have Pelosi, Schumer and several others DO NOT CARE about the american people all they care about is THEMSELVES and they have proved this !!! They USE & ABUSE people for their own selfish agendas !!! WAKE UP PEOPLE , they have jobs, they have money , they have their bills paid and food on their tables so they don't care how long these negotiations take they want it their way and to hell with the american people. They want to blame everything on the republicans and president which is total BULLS**T , Ive seen the president everyday on tv working endlessly on what is going on . VOTE THEM OUT !!!

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